Your Failures Do NOT Define You

Your failures do NOT define you. Please understand this. You’ll thank me for it.

If you beat yourself internally for the mistakes you make, you will invite nothing but negativity into your life. You must learn to accept yourself, for all your flaws and qualities. Everything you do (or don’t do) depends on your state of mind. If you can eliminate negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones, you will be on the road to success.

When you learned how to ride a bike, you didn’t give up the first time you fell off. You kept going. Sometimes you have to make the same mistake many times before you can truly learn. You can make mistakes for years without realising what you’re doing wrong. Sometimes all you need is the right outside perspective. The wrong perspective, whether it’s your own negativity or somebody else’s, can hamper you to no end.

There are few mentors in this world that will guide you as failure does. Failure will make you learn the hard way. It will beat you down, take you by surprise and shake your life to its foundations; but because it makes no apologies for crashing your party, it teaches you how to stand on your own two feet in a world that will continually try to challenge you. Embrace failure and laugh in its face: then the last laugh will always be yours.


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